• Collection and transport for recovery or neutralization of generated waste along with the required documentation.

  • Records and reporting (BDO, keeping full records and environmental monitoring, preparing all types of reports and reports, e.g. use of the environment, KOBiZE, waste reports, etc.);

  • Environmental consulting in the field of waste management (including development of waste management programs for production plants)

  • Waste audit to provide customised waste management solution: mapping waste generation points in production plants, optimizing interneal waste Logistics in production plants; solution plan for packaging waste – containers or presscontainres in distrubution center ; assessment of compliance with legal requirements

  • Legal advice Outsourcing

  • Comprehensive waste management

  • We also carry out activities at the production plants of our clients, where they conduct waste management in a comprehensive, thought-out and effective manner.

  • Advice on the selection of waste processing technologies (formula: design, build, deliver)


pole i drzewa

Collection and management of waste

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