Intereko Energia

At Intereko Energia, we value long-term business relationships with our partners, which is why we constantly develop and adapt our offer to the individual needs of our partners and the industry itself. We invest in innovation and apply a creative approach to sustainable development. As a result, we provide tailor-made environmental solutions fully tailored to individual needs, according teh rules „Voice of the customer”. The best wastes are those that have never been created.


Boks 1 - Outsourcing - Kompleksowa gospodarka odpadami

Outsourcing - Comprehensive waste management

Boks 2 - Kompleksowe rozwiązania w zakresie ochrony środowiska

Environmental protection solutions

Boks 3 - Doradztwo środowiskowe i prawne

Environmental and legal advice

Boks 4 - Doradztwo w zakresie doboru technologii przetwarzania odpadów

Waste treatment technology

Collection and management of waste

Collection and management of waste

Business and market conditions as well as the upcoming Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR / polish ROP) mean that waste producers should place more emphasis on waste management. Intereko Energia provides an innovative business model that takes into account environmental and economic aspects, in which our business partner is informed about the waste route and the form of its management. He has the opportunity to change at any step of cooperation.

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